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Wolf Cursed, Episode One: A YA Shifter Academy Romance


Leaving the forest was the hardest thing I've ever done, but my curse—and my mother—gave me no choice. Now I'm stuck in my human body, a student at an academy for “defective” shifters.

Midnight Wolf Academy is a hotbed of intrigue, backbiting, and deadly games. Right now, it's my only home.

Too bad this home is full of dangers. Like Alessandro D'Avalos, a ghost shifter with a heart of iron, a face like Adonis, and a smell that drives me to distraction. Or Soren Blackwood, a vampire-shifter hybrid thanks to an accidental love bite. From me. Ever heard of enemies to lovers? We're like that, but in reverse.

As if that's not enough, something's happening in the forest. Something bad. Enemies are gathering outside the academy gates. Soren's vampire family wants to break our treaty and start a war. I haven't seen my mother in a year. I don't know where to turn or who to trust.

Should I stay and discover the strange human world, or do I fight to return to my true home, even if it doesn't want me back?

Either way, I can't stay as I am. War or no war, something has to change.

Wolf Cursed, Episode One drops on October 19, 2021. One-click to crush a curse today!


Due to some family issues, the pandemic, and a few other problems, I'm releasing this book in episodes. Episode One contains the first six chapters of this book, plus a preview of the next episode. If you already preordered and expected a full book, I have to apologize. This isn't how I wanted to release Wolf Cursed, but this will allow me to tell Red's story instead of leaving it in a drawer. If you wish, you can get a refund for your preorder by following this tutorial.

Subscribers to my newsletter will get the opportunity to read future episodes for free before they come out. They'll also get first access to exclusive giveaways and swag packs, including a paperback version when it appears.


Pardon My Dust…

My website is currently changing themes and I'm adding/changing modules as we speak. There is so much going on right now, it might be some time before it starts to look normal. Here are some of the things happening right now in my world:

  • The lovely and talented Victoria McCabe is creating an audiobook version of The Rose Kiss! It sounds so lovely and we're just ironing out some of the tech-gremlins right now. When it goes for release you'll be the first to know!
  • I'm working on publishing The Dream Kiss in paperback, hardcover, and large print, with an audiobook to follow.
  • The next episode of  Wolf Cursed.
  • And more that I can't talk about…

I hope to have another update post for you soon. I also hope that life goes back to normal, or at least a newer version of normal (Normal 2.0?) soon-ish. Talk to you soon…

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Late September Romance

If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can find almost one hundred new romance books to borrow at this all-romance showcase. Some of them are paranormal, some are day-to-day. Some are clean, others are…not so much. My books are included in the promotion, but you already know about me!

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The Dream Kiss images for your blog, booktok, or other review site

The Dream Kiss is now live on Amazon! You can order it here. If you'd like to leave an honest review on your blog, Instagram, booktok, etc., please feel free to download and use any of the image below. Just make sure to link to the book. If you're posting a video, please mention the title and author of the book in your video.

Click on any of these images to see the full size version. And once again, you can order the book here. Thank you!

The Dream Kiss: Sleeping Beauty Retold

It's an exciting day! The Dream Kiss, the next book in my Fairy Tale Love Stories series, is coming out on September 1st. It's a slightly surreal retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with lots of magic, fairies, intrigue, and drama. There's a love story, of course, a dark fairy, a magical sword, and dragons.

You can order it on Amazon here

This book takes place in Lorca, a fictional island in the middle of the North Sea. Legend has it that the island's name is short for “l'or caché,” or “hidden gold.” What do you think such an island would be like? They must have been invaded many times by their neighbors, so they developed a unique culture incorporating elements from Scandinavian, British, German, Dutch, and French cultures. Of course, when you have dragons and your neighbors don't, that somewhat changes the game…

If you've already read The Rose Kiss, you'll recognize a few callbacks to Lana, Hadrian, and the Sauvagnon family throughout the course of the book. Both books have fairies, but their worlds are very different.

And because we're moving right along, the third installment of the series, The Poison Kiss, comes out next summer. You can read the first chapter at the end of The Dream Kiss when it comes out next week, and preorder it–for the high, high price of 99 cents–right here.

Other Upcoming Releases

My new young adult academy romance, Wolf Cursed, comes out this October. In it, we follow the story of Red Volkov, a wolf cursed to be human, as she adjusts to her human life and tries to understand who, and what, she really is inside. Part coming of age, part shifter story, part Beauty and the Beast, Wolf Cursed is a fresh new take on shifter romances.

This is a young adult book, so there won't be any adult scenes or omegaverse-style conceptions. There are alpha and beta wolves, but only among the human shifters, since alpha wolves don't really exist in the wild. Seriously, I looked it up. You can preorder it on Amazon here.

There's also Daughter of Light and Shadow, another Summer 2022 release. God willing we'll all be out of lockdown by then, and you can read this vampire-angel romance on the beach, the plane, the coffee shop, or wherever you'd like to go.

And there's a new series I haven't announced yet, which I'm very excited to tell you about. But only when the time is right…

College Romance Prompt #1

Your heroine just won a poetry competition. Her poem's going to be published in an anthology put out by a big publishing house. Now she has two weeks to prepare for the party, where she hopes to meet an agent, publisher, publicist, or someone who can help her publish a book of poems she's been working on for ages.

But the bills keep piling up, and she knows most people in publishing come from fairly well-heeled backgrounds. She knows she has to figure out their culture in order to come across as competent and literate. And she has to figure out how to dress: too formal, and she'll look try-hard; too casual, or casual in the wrong way, and it'll be obvious that she's not one of them.

Your hero is a regular at the heroine's day job who's actually nice to her. And he seems to come from a “good family.” Can she let him in on her dilemma? Can she befriend him just to get a sense of what code she needs to follow? And what happens if they start to fall in love–even just a little bit?

A man in an airport, talking on his cell phone, stares outside the window at the tarmac.

Romance Prompt #1

Your heroine's stranded at O'Hare for the next six hours. She heads to the airport coffee shop (or bar, depending on your heroine) and strikes up a fascinating conversation with our hero. T She's so into him, she almost misses her flight–and misses his number, last name, or any contact information to speak of. She doesn't even know where he's flying!

Still, your heroine can't get this guy out of her mind. While on her flight, she realizes that she has something of his, something he desperately needs back. How does she get it back to him? And how do they meet again?

Optional themes: Christmas, home for the holidays, white lies (hero/ine bragging, but truth is different),

Photo by VanveenJF on Unsplash.