A girl with red hair stares intently at the viewer.

Wolf Cursed, Episode One: A YA Shifter Academy Romance


Leaving the forest was the hardest thing I've ever done, but my curse—and my mother—gave me no choice. Now I'm stuck in my human body, a student at an academy for “defective” shifters.

Midnight Wolf Academy is a hotbed of intrigue, backbiting, and deadly games. Right now, it's my only home.

Too bad this home is full of dangers. Like Alessandro D'Avalos, a ghost shifter with a heart of iron, a face like Adonis, and a smell that drives me to distraction. Or Soren Blackwood, a vampire-shifter hybrid thanks to an accidental love bite. From me. Ever heard of enemies to lovers? We're like that, but in reverse.

As if that's not enough, something's happening in the forest. Something bad. Enemies are gathering outside the academy gates. Soren's vampire family wants to break our treaty and start a war. I haven't seen my mother in a year. I don't know where to turn or who to trust.

Should I stay and discover the strange human world, or do I fight to return to my true home, even if it doesn't want me back?

Either way, I can't stay as I am. War or no war, something has to change.

Wolf Cursed, Episode One drops on October 19, 2021. One-click to crush a curse today!


Due to some family issues, the pandemic, and a few other problems, I'm releasing this book in episodes. Episode One contains the first six chapters of this book, plus a preview of the next episode. If you already preordered and expected a full book, I have to apologize. This isn't how I wanted to release Wolf Cursed, but this will allow me to tell Red's story instead of leaving it in a drawer. If you wish, you can get a refund for your preorder by following this tutorial.

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Pardon My Dust…

My website is currently changing themes and I'm adding/changing modules as we speak. There is so much going on right now, it might be some time before it starts to look normal. Here are some of the things happening right now in my world:

  • The lovely and talented Victoria McCabe is creating an audiobook version of The Rose Kiss! It sounds so lovely and we're just ironing out some of the tech-gremlins right now. When it goes for release you'll be the first to know!
  • I'm working on publishing The Dream Kiss in paperback, hardcover, and large print, with an audiobook to follow.
  • The next episode of  Wolf Cursed.
  • And more that I can't talk about…

I hope to have another update post for you soon. I also hope that life goes back to normal, or at least a newer version of normal (Normal 2.0?) soon-ish. Talk to you soon…