A man in an airport, talking on his cell phone, stares outside the window at the tarmac.

Romance Prompt #1

Your heroine's stranded at O'Hare for the next six hours. She heads to the airport coffee shop (or bar, depending on your heroine) and strikes up a fascinating conversation with our hero. T She's so into him, she almost misses her flight–and misses his number, last name, or any contact information to speak of. She doesn't even know where he's flying!

Still, your heroine can't get this guy out of her mind. While on her flight, she realizes that she has something of his, something he desperately needs back. How does she get it back to him? And how do they meet again?

Optional themes: Christmas, home for the holidays, white lies (hero/ine bragging, but truth is different),

Photo by VanveenJF on Unsplash.