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Wolf Cursed

A wolf cursed to be human. A vampire cursed to change form. A shifter with a double nature. At Midnight Wolf Academy, nothing is what it seems...

Rejected by her pack, Red must fight to survive. But academy life is deadlier than any forest...

About Me

Esme Rome

Author and Illustrator

Lose yourself in a world where passion rules over logic, where true love conquers all, and where heroes fight for what they believe in no matter the cost. In short: by reading my novels you'll experience everything that makes fantasy so much fun!

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Other Books

The cover of The Rose Kiss by Esme Rome, showing a young woman in a red dress standing before a castle and a rose garden.

The Rose Kiss

The cover of The Dream Kiss, showing a young woman in a purple dress standing before some mountains.

The Dream Kiss

Game Of Spades

The Curious Case Of Paris

Into The Wild

When In Wild, You Better Follow Rules Of Nature

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