Almost Fall Weekend Book Promos

Who here is ready for fall? I know I am. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, for the following reasons:

  • Halloween
  • Not so @#$! hot
  • Leaves turning red
  • More cookies
  • I can wear scarves and boots again
  • There are back to school sales on cool notebooks that I will use once and never again
  • Harvest time
  • I can finally read books outside

Yes ladies and gentlemen, when the ??humidity?? drops, I can finally sit on the lanai and read with a mug full of iced tea or sparkling water. I might choose a few books from one of these promos, like a steamy shifter romance, a sweet fairytale, or a nice mythological fairy tale:

I'm sorry y'all. I don't have anything clever to say. It's nearly the end of the month and I am tired. Have a good weekend.