My Year in Reading, Part 1: How I Read

When we tell our stories about 2020, we might focus on the big moments: the silent streets, protesting, voting, waiting. The little, repeated moments might stand out the most: staring out the window; a bay of faces not quite making eye contact on Zoom; our …

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A red rose covered in dew.

The Rose Kiss: Beauty and the Beast Retold

I’m pleased to announce that The Rose Kiss, the first book in my fairy tale adaptation series, is now available for preorder! It’s a tale of romance and magic that is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Emily Deady, and the Twisted Tales series. You can …

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The cover for Marcie by Esme Rome, showing Clea DuVall and a city at night.

Marcie – A BTVS Novella

I’ve started publishing the first chapters of Marcie, a novella about Marcie Ross, the invisible girl from the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marcie was last seen joining a government program for invisible teenagers, learning assassination and infiltration. And then, nothing. Marcie never returns …

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