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Fairy Tale Love Stories


A 3D cover of The Rose Kiss by Esme Rome, showing a girl in a red dress looking down.The Rose Kiss: Beauty and the Beast Retold

Parako Press, 2021

Provincial France, 1700. Lana Moreau, beautiful daughter of a bankrupt nobleman, is desperate for a suitor with a brain. But things don’t go as planned when her father takes her to the local prophet, looking for insight into her many failed courtships. When the seer names her as the Belmorta, a woman doomed to love a beast and bring famine and destruction, Lana flees in hopes of reversing her dark fortune.

Escaping the wrath of the frightened villagers, she finds salvation in a seemingly empty magical castle. Entranced by the estate’s mystical marvels, she discovers choosing to stay may mean giving her heart to the monstrous owner and fulfilling the evil curse…

Can Lana survive her wicked destiny and claim her happily-ever-after?

The Rose Kiss is the mesmerizing first novel in the Fairy Tale Love Stories YA fantasy series. If you like plucky heroines, enchanted romance, and riveting retellings, then you’ll adore Esme Rome’s captivating story.

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The Dream Kiss: Sleeping Beauty Retold

Discover a story beyond your wildest dreams…

It's been five years since Princess Zora pricked her finger on a thorn, and nothing's been the same since. Poisonous, thorny vines climb up walls and choke gardens. A mysterious sleeping sickness pulls people down mid-stride, even mid-sentence. As sleep settles over the kingdom, its subjects grow more tired with every passing day. And no one ever dreams.

Well, almost no one.

Trapped inside her body, unable to respond, Zora is alone and free in her dreams. Her only true companion is a golden dragon. But when a mysterious prince from her past visits her on the island, they will undertake a strange and perilous journey into the land between dreams and waking life.

As doom draws nearer every day, Zora must reach the Dark Fairy and unravel her curse, before it's too late.

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Wolf Cursed

Wolf Cursed, Episode One