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13 Vampire Romance Prompts for Creative Writers

If you're looking to write a vampire romance story, then look no further! Here are eleven creative writing prompts to help spark your imagination and inspire you to create an unforgettable tale.

From family feuds to secret societies, these prompts will get your creative juices flowing! So grab a pen and paper (or laptop) and let's dive into some thrilling vampire romance stories!

1. Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity

In a world of secrets, lies, and forbidden love, two best friends — one vampire, one human — must navigate the impossible: falling in love while trying to protect each other from the war between their families.

But it gets worse: if their families don't make peace, an ancient stone could crack, plunging all existence into disaster. With the looming threat of eternal darkness on their heels and time running out, can they find the courage to take a chance and break free?

2. The Enemy of My Enemy

Two unlikely allies must team up to fight an unknown evil lurking in the shadows.

One is a vampire hunter, driven by her sworn duty to rid the earth of these undead creatures.

The second is an ancient vampire, attuned to a new threat that threatens all the living and undead.

The evil has been sleeping for ten thousand years, but it's awake. And hungry.

Will they overcome their differences and defeat the great evil? If they do, they'll have to learn, and un-learn, many truths. And they'll have to decide if this intense attraction could lead to something deeper, or if it's a fire that will burn them both up.

3. Secrets of the Vampire

A young vampire, desperate to escape the confines of her family's secret society, takes a chance and steps into the outside world – only to meet an unexpected ally: a priest who knows of her family's crimes and wishes to help her escape. They embark on a journey together, exploring the mysteries of love, trust, and self-discovery. How will they escape her family's far-reaching connections to the elite? And how will they survive when they realize they're in love?

4. Monster's Ball

Two unlikely lovers are thrown together at a masquerade ball. Their connection is instant, electric, and undeniable. But when the man reveals his vampire fangs, his Cinderella runs off, leaving behind one tantalizing clue to her real identity: a bat pin that fell from her handbag. How will this Prince Charming use this single clue to find his fated mate? And how will he convince her that immortality really is all it's cracked up to be?

5. Another Bloody Love Story

Two vampires, who hate each other, are forced to share a car for an infernal road trip across America. Their goal? To find an ancient artifact that could bring them unimaginable power. But if this artifact gets into the hands of their mutual sworn enemy, he could bring destruction to the entire world.

With a long history of mutual distrust and hatred, these two must learn to find common ground as they attempt to unlock the secrets of their shared past. Will love prevail over their long-standing grudges? Or will old wounds keep them from finding true happiness?

6. Who Wants to Live Forever?

Mid-range shot of two young women facing the camera. One is white with short blonde hair and is looking at the camera. The other is black with dreadlocks and is looking off-camera. Both are wearing urban streetwear, i.e. jackets and hoodies with graphic tees. Two street-smart half-vampires, desperate to escape their lives of poverty, come up with a daring plan: impersonate two high-society socialites from a mysterious family. With no one the wiser, they slip into the upper echelon of society — and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Armed with new identities and immortal self-confidence, they get their photos in magazines, star in movies and fashion shows, and attend lavish parties and red-carpet events filled with celebs. But danger lurks around the corner in the form of Mavko, the most famous vampire gangster ever–and the heroine's real father. When their story starts to unravel, will they be able to find a way out alive?

There are a couple of ways you could go with this prompt. You could have the two half-vamps fall in love with each other, or you could have love interests for them: the scion of a business empire, and another former street kid who's made it big behind the scenes (and knows who they are).

7. Night is My Friend

A young woman turns up undead in the morgue, but there's something wrong with her. She doesn't have the normal vampire DNA profile, nor does she have human blood. She doesn't remember who turned her, or anything from her last day alive. And when she's cornered by a vampire hunter one night, something primal wakens in her, which comes out of her and rips the hunter to shreds…

Enter the hero, a supernatural detective determined to find this new killer creature. Victim after victim appears in the city, all with similar symptoms. With the first victim's help, he's determined to find out who's wreaking havoc across the city. But when the killings continue, they must race to uncover the truth. Will they find out who turned her and why, or will the hunter's dark intentions catch up to them first?

8. Bring Me to Life

A young vampire hunter, driven by her relentless quest to rid the world of evil, finds herself face-to-face with a powerful vampire. Overcome by his power and mysterious allure, she loses the battle and becomes a vampire herself.

After waking up as one of the undead, she discovers that not everyone is a fan of her presence. The other vampire hunters want her dead. With nowhere else to turn, she rushes into a notorious vampire's lair, pleading for protection. And he agrees to protect her…for a price.

The price is simple: marry me. Join my family, and I will defend you with my life. But as feelings start to blossom between them, the ex-hunter finds herself torn between her old beliefs and her new realities.

9. A Dark Hope

Our heroine works at a dive bar for supernatural beings. Nothing phases her anymore, not even the gorgeous vamp who just walked in, telling a tall tale about a magical artifact that could save the unicorns from extinction.

When a powerful organization catches wind of the vamp's story and puts a bounty on his head, she must choose between saving him and staying safe. With enemies at every turn, they race against time to find the artifact while trying to deny their growing feelings for each other.

10. My Best Friend, the Vampire

In this story, vampires coexist with humans, and it mostly works, most of the time. Some vampires take medicine that makes them able to withstand the sunlight for about an hour a day. That's how our hero came to befriend our heroine, a girl next door with a collection of sun-sensitive plants that need special care.

It's not until their friendship grows closer and they start to rely on each other more and more that the hero must decide whether or not to reveal his true identity. When an old enemy of his shows up in town he must decide between protecting his friend and protecting his secret. As he decides, his feelings for her only start to grow stronger…

11. You've Seen Too Many Movies

After turning on a notorious immortal mobster, our heroine is given a new identity: a bakery shop owner in a sleepy little town. The town is lovely, even if it is a little mysterious. Why does the school have no children? Why is there still a video rental store right in the center of town, even though she's never seen anyone in it?

Unnerved, our heroine takes to renting movies from the store. But these aren't movies she's ever heard of. And whatever happens in the movies seems to come true in the town. So when she switches to romances, can she trust the new man who seems determined to sweep her off her feet? And if not, whom can she trust?

Caught in the middle of a war she doesn't understand, our heroine is fighting for her life when she finds an unexpected ally. When the story ends, she'll know she doesn't have to run and hide.

There are many different ways to go with this idea. You can make it creepy and eerie, like Stephen King. You could also make it a cosmic horror story with elements of True Detective. You could make everyone in the story a vampire, so the story takes place entirely at night. And you could introduce her love interest from the beginning, so he comes in on a “white horse” to rescue her after she gets a message to him (at great risk to herself).

13. Bela Lugosi is Alive and Well and Smiling on Celluloid

Our heroine runs a movie theatre that mostly plays old horror movies like Nosferatu and Dracula. She's a half-vampire who inherited this place from her dad, who died when he accidentally staked himself on a fence post. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, so for now she's doing this.

She's so different from the type A werewolf who comes in to save the company from bankruptcy that they butt heads from the first moment they're together. But an undeniable mutual attraction brings them closer than they ever thought possible…

Through their fights and love, our heroine discovers her true purpose. With the help of her vampire co-workers and her werewolf love interest, she finds a way to embrace who she is as a half-vampire while also finding a way to make it work in the human world.

The great thing about this prompt is the theme of finding oneself and accepting who you are. It's a classic story with a unique twist, plus all the potential for some great vampire and werewolf action.

How to Write a Compelling Vampire Romance

Digital painting of a man and woman looking at the camera, lit from the side by orange light. The woman has black curly hair in an updo, the man is wearing a suit.the woman's outfit can't be seen.

Writing a compelling vampire romance is no easy feat. It requires a unique blend of horror, intrigue, mystery, and of course romance.

To write an unforgettable tale, you must create believable characters who are caught in an interesting plot with plenty of suspense and unexpected twists. Here are some tips to help you craft a captivating vampire romance:

  1. Establish the Rules. When writing a vampire romance, you must tell the reader the character's powers and limitations of your vampires. Can these vampires go out in the sun? Do they have magical powers, like super-sight or super-speed? How do they react when they see or smell blood? How do they react to other supernatural creatures, like witches and werewolves? The setting will influence the rules, as well: for example, if your story is set in the Victorian Era, your characters will have different rules from someone in a more contemporary setting.
  2. Establish the Reasons. Why can't these characters be together now? What's stopping them, internally or externally? A romance where the characters get together on page one, and stay together throughout the story, is not what most readers want. They want tension and conflict to make the declaration of love that much sweeter.
  3.  Start with the midpoint. The midpoint is when everything changes. In the Wizard of Oz, it's when Dorothy and her friends come out of the woods and see the Emerald City. In many romances, it's where the hero and heroine kiss, make love, or realize their feelings for the first time. Figure out what goes in the middle of the story, and the rest of the story will be much easier to write.


These vampire romance writing prompts will help you create memorable stories about forbidden love, secrets, and the dark power of immortality. Have fun with your story and let your imagination take flight!

Writing is a craft that requires practice and dedication. If you want to hone your writing skills, there are numerous resources available to you. You can find more writing prompts here, as well as guides on how to write short stories, poetry, novel outlines, and much more.

And if you write a story based on one of these prompts, be sure to let me know by dropping me a line here. Thank you!