Introduction to Dreamstory Cards

If you're an author, you know that coming up with fresh ideas for stories can be a challenge. You might have days or even weeks when the creativity just isn't flowing. That's where Dreamstory cards come in. These cards are full of archetypal images that can provide inspiration for your next story.

Dreamstory cards are a deck of cards with archetypal images that can be used by authors to generate ideas for stories. There are a variety of different decks available, each with its own set of images. For example, the Empress deck features images of strong, independent women while the Scholar deck focuses on images related to knowledge and wisdom.

Using Dreamstory cards is simple. Just draw a card and let the image inspire you. Use the image as a jumping off point to brainstorm characters, plot points, or setting ideas for your story. Don't be afraid to get creative and think outside the box! The whole point of using these cards is to jump start your creativity so you can write the best story possible.

If you're feeling stuck the next time you sit down to write, give Dreamstory cards a try. These cards can provide the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing again. With their help, you'll be able to write the best story possible.