An image of a young woman with brown skin, black eyes, and black hair. She stares at the viewer with an unflinching expression.

Coming Up Next…

Hi everyone! I have a brief update for you on the progress of The Dream Kiss, as well as a few other stories that will soon be published on Kindle and in Kindle Vella!

I'm looking for beta readers for The Dream Kiss, and I'll soon be sending out email invitations. If you're interested just reply to this email, or look out for the invite email that's coming soon. If you're reading this on the blog, and not the newsletter, you can subscribe below:

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I'll be asking for a bit more specific feedback this time, and I hope you'll tell me what's working and what isn't.

The young woman in the header image is a character from The Storyteller, a novella very loosely based on the Decameron. It's set in the same fictional world as the upcoming Dark Kingdom series, though it can be read as a standalone book–the plot of The Storyteller and the Dark Kingdom series are only very loosely connected. You may recognize some images in the story from the Mystic Mondays tarot deck, because that's partly what I used for inspiration.

I hope to have even more news for you soon. Editing can be time-consuming, especially when you're a bit of a perfectionist like I am. I hope the book is worth it in the end. Talk to you soon!